Reducing single use plastic at the University

We recognise that plastic use has a great environmental impact and have been taking some steps to reduce the use of plastic on campuses.

Reusable travel cups  - The best way to remove plastic is to stop using it in the first place; a reusable mug reduces the amount of plastic waste we dispose of. We have new bamboo coffee cups available to purchase in all our outlets.

Compostable takeout containers –the best way to stop plastic is to stop purchasing it entirely, for instances where this is not possible we have been using compostable containers on all campus outlets in order to reduce the amount of plastic on campus.

Reusable water bottles – rather than buying bottled water, use a refillable water bottle instead. There are numerous water fountains across campus and you can request a refill at our campus cafes. 

What can you do? - The University is taking steps to reduce plastic usage but we cannot do this without the help of our staff and students. Below are some ways you can help reduce plastic waste on campus:

Plastic free days - Join our regular Plastic Free Days to find out how catering outlets are reducing the use of plastics in everything they do!

Join the Plastic Challenge - Take on the Plastic Challenge and join the growing community of people saying goodbye to single-use plastic. Sign up and receive tips and ideas for living single-use plastic-free - The Plastic Challenge!  Download ''Living without single-use Plastic'' guide and start to take an action!

Plastic bags - The 5p charge for plastic bags was introduced in England in October 2015 and since then there has been an 85% reduction in their usage. You can reduce plastic bags by carrying a reusable bag with you when you go shopping.

Plastic Free July - Plastic Free July every year is a global movement that helps to encourage people to make a change for better environment. 

Please join our effort to help the environment and choose to refuse single-use plastic during July. Can you do it? Follow these simple steps to start and challenge yourself!
1. Visit the website -  
2. Choose what you will do
  • Avoid single-use plastic packaging 
  • Target the takeaway items that could end up in the ocean 
  • Go completely plastic free 
3. Choose the duration
Purchasing - If you are responsible for purchasing items at the University there are some ways you can help to reduce plastic:
  • Reduce the amount you purchase – only buy things when absolutely necessary. Try to consolidate orders so you use less packaging, you can do this by buying less frequently, or ordering for the whole building, school or department.
  • Try having a stationery amnesty or making an inventory of all items to make sure you don’t order items unnecessarily.
  • Contact your suppliers and request they use less plastic packaging.
  • Contact your suppliers and request they take back their packaging and treat it responsibly e.g. reuse, recycle.
  • If you are responsible for tendering for new products you can write into the specifications that they reduce the amount of plastic used or run take-back schemes.
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