Peregrine falcon at her nest watching over 4 eggs.

Peregrine falcons

On 9 March 2020 peregrine falcons have yet again returned to London Metropolitan University to lay eggs. The breeding season for peregrines starts from March onwards and their return shows that here at Holloway Road they have enough food resources and a suitable climate.

We have successfully installed our newest addition to the bee and duck cam – a falcon cam. You can watch beautiful peregrine falcons live from their nest at the top of the Tower Building.

You can follow their progress live and engage with us on social media: GreenLondonMet.

Peregrines used to be common in London but almost disappeared from the capital just before the turn of the millennium. However, in recent years their numbers have grown and there are now thought to be more than 30 pairs living in some of London’s most famous buildings.

Information about our peregrine falcons:

Female is 5 years old, pulli ringed on 22 May 2015 at a site in Erith, South East London and male is 9 years old, ringed in South London in 2011. Pulli means that the birds are ringed in the nest, juveniles are those identified as being in their first calendar year.

London Met bees

We have installed two beehives on top of the roof in our Holloway campus with 80,000 bees harvesting honey every day. Follow us on social media to receive updates and read our news story to find out more about this project. We have also created an educational video to learn more about our bees and how we look after them!

You can also watch bees live through our webcam.



We have the largest pond outside of a park in Islington where every year ducks return to the nest. You can normally see our ducks between mid-March and the end of July.

You can watch the ducks live too.

Green spaces

Although within the University we are limited in our green spaces, we try to make the most of what we have. We have restored the gardens at Old Castle Street to their original glory including Dublin Bay roses, ivy, and crocuses. We have undertaken two projects at the Tower courtyard. Estates staff undertook a “Big Dig” to plant a wildflower meadow to encourage insects; and installed bird boxes and bee hotels. Staff and students also planted over 600 spring bulbs to brighten up the courtyard in spring.‌

At the Holloway campus, the Green Zone lounge patio has also been transformed to become a place where everyone can enjoy their break away from their studies. Beautiful evergreen shrubs and a variety of flowers were planted to brighten up the space.

Rooftop gardens

The garden on the roof of Calcutta House provides a unique space to relax and socialise. Meet your friends, have lunch, study or use it for group workshops – the garden is open until dusk and we invite all students to visit it.

We have planted various edible plants such as varieties of mint, rosemary, beans, and salad.

We also have a roof garden at the Holloway campus with Gardening Club taking place every Wednesday 12pm to 1pm. Last year we grew strawberries, beans, herbs, tomatoes, lettuce and raspberries. 

Hedgehog Friendly Campus 

Hedgehog Friendly Campus is a national accreditation scheme funded by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society, helping universities create safer environments for hedgehogs on and around their campus.

Our University takes part in the programme to make impactful changes for hedgehogs as well as improve our campus environment for other species.

Watch this short video about the project:

Through the programme we are supporting this native species which is currently in severe decline and providing the suitable environment for other species like bees, birds and butterflies. Actions include communicating the issues, completing hedgehog surveys and improving green spaces for hedgehogs as well as writing blogs, and promoting the programme on Social Media.

Would you like to be part of this project?

We are looking for Student Hedgehog Ambassadors to join the Working Group. You'll be helping to make decisions about how the campaign is run and getting stuck in to make Hedgehog Friendly Campus a reality at your university. We're looking for students who can commit around 2 hours per month to the campaign.

Ambassadors receive a free starter pack, logo, certificate and CV reference from Hedgehog Friendly Campus and get access to free training sessions and talks. Email to apply.
Watch short video about how you can get involved in the project:
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