Library self-guided tour

This is a quick overview of the resources and facilities that you will find in our libraries. See what is available at Holloway Library and Aldgate Library and within our Special Collections.

Opening hours and locations
Some books are available in electronic book format and you can access them 24 hours a day from home or anywhere else. Find out more about ebooks and other resources available on Libguides.

General facilities

Study Spaces

There are designated study spaces to suit your needs

  • group study
  • quiet study
  • silent study

Desks, study carrels and soft seating can be found in all areas.

What’s on your reading list?

Check out your reading list by module code or on your Weblearn module.

How to find a print book?

A brief introduction to the Library catalogue video.

You will notice that there are numbers called class mark numbers on the side of each shelf and also on the spine of each book. Using these numbers will help you find the print book you might be interested in. So when you are searching the Library catalogue take note of this class number so you can find the area or floor, the specific shelf and the book title you are looking for.

Where to start finding resources: use this guide to understand and use LibGuides and Library Search

How many print books can I borrow?
Undergraduates can borrow up to 16 books and Postgraduates 20, plus any titles from our Reading for Pleasure collection.

To borrow a book, bring it to the self-service machines on the Ground floor and use your London Met ID card to check it out.

Loan types and borrowing

You will find other items on the shelves as well which because of high demand, rarity or cost have been designated for Reference Only. The rest of the books and DVDs are for Three Week or One Week Loan. They should automatically renew for a further period unless someone else has reserved it. We will email you around this time with details – please open the email and check that none of the books you have borrowed are reserved and must be returned.

Toilets and water fountain facilities are available on every floor. Please be aware of fire and emergency exits for each floor.

First floor

  • Books (000 - 999)
  • DVD collection
  • Quiet Study zone
  • Individual PC and study desks
  • Print Journals
  • Legal reference and Law reports
  • Doctoral Research room
  • Legal practice collection

Mezzanine floor

  • Group study and synergy desks
  • Individual PC and study desks
  • Reading for Pleasure (Fiction) books
  • Silent Study room
  • Quiet computer room

Ground floor

  • Group study and synergy desks
  • Individual PC and study desks
  • Welcome room - for library workshops
  • Reserved and Recently returned books
  • Bookable Group study rooms
  • Group computer room
  • Silent study room
  • Soft seating areas
  • Learning Centre Cafeteria - including Microwave

Information & Help desks

Face-to-face support services are located on the ground floor. These include:

  • Enquiry & Security desk at Library entrance
  • Library Help Desk - Library help and queries in the central area on ground floor
  • IT Help & advice at the same desk
  • Academic Liaison Librarians/Subject Librarians drop-in, 1:1 research help area.

Academic Liaison Librarians & subject guides

Aldgate library supports the subject areas for Art Architecture and Design. It is situated over three floors. Note the fire exits and where they are located on all floors.


  • Books
  • DVDs
  • Magazines
  • Journals


Ground floor and first floor areas

Ground floor map:

  • Library Lounge - Walkway Access for the staircase to other floors
  • Study rooms 1-4 
  • Architecture, Design and Photography magazines 
  • DVD / CD collections 

First Floor

  • Library Lounge
  • Study Rooms No 5-9 
  • Past Journals - Ask at Information Desk for Staff retrieval
  • Reading For Pleasure area
  • Teaching room
  • Photography Room 

Second Floor 

Floor plan

  • Library study space and drawing boards
  • The main area of the second floor is designated a quiet study area and contains books on the following subject areas:

Class mark number range: 001-699 and include books on

  • media
  • popular culture
  • perception
  • materials

To borrow a book, bring it to the self-service machines on the Ground floor with your London Met ID card to check it out.


Third floor

Floor plan

Class mark number range:numbers 700-999 and include books on

  • Art
  • Architecture
  • Design
  • History

Materials and Products Collection room

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