Key journals

This is a list of selected peer-reviewed titles. There are many more titles available via the databases.  Check out thes   Biomedical Science Key journals and Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Science Key journals guides.

Most important journals for your studies =

  • The Australian Journal of Forensic Sciences 2007 to 18 months ago
    Official publication of the Australian Academy of Forensic Sciences. Publishes review articles, research papers, commentaries. Aims to represent issues of particular relevance to Australia and its region but not restricted to contributions only from Australian authors.

  • Forensic Science International 1995-
    International, publishing original research. Includes forensic pathology, histochemistry, chemistry, biochemistry and toxicology, biology and identification of hairs and fibres, serology, odontology, psychiatry, anthropology, the physical sciences, firearms, and document examination, as well as investigations of value to public health and legal medicine.

  • Forensic Science International Supplement Series 2009-
    Supplements for Forensic Science International with proceedings of a scientific symposium, commissioned thematic issues, or a selection of invited articles.

  • Journal of Forensic Sciences print 2003-2005; online 2006-
    Journal from the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. Latest information, original investigations and reviews in all areas of forensic science. Topics include: pathology and biology, toxicology, psychiatry and behavioural sciences, odontology, physical anthropology, jurisprudence and criminalistics.

  • Journal of Forensic Research 2010- (Open access)
    Publishes criminal cases and current developments as original research, review articles and case reports. Topics include: forensic genetics, DNA analysis, finger-printing and techniques, environmental forensics, forensic medicine.

  • Research and Reports in Forensic Medical Science (Open access)
    International, publishes original research, reports, reviews and commentaries.

  • Science and Justice: Journal of the Forensic Science Society 1995-
    Original research articles, reviews, conference proceedings.
  • Analytical Chemistry 1929-
    Publishes original research in all branches of analytical chemistry, including those related to forensic science.

  • Applied and Environmental Microbiology 1953 to six months ago
    Peer-reviewed journal publishing original research. Topics include microbial forensics.

  • Fingerprint Whorld 2006-2014
    Print title, on the library shelves – (2nd Floor Holloway Road Library). Journal of The Fingerprint Society, devoted to the theory and practice of fingerprint identification science.

  • Forensic Science International. Genetics 2007-
    Journal dedicated to the applications of genetics in the administration of justice.

  • Legal Medicine 1999-
    Legal aspects of forensic pathology, toxicology, odontology, anthropology, criminalistics, immunochemistry, hemogenetics and forensic aspects of biological science with emphasis on DNA analysis and molecular biology. Official journal of the Japanese Society of Legal Medicine.

  • Journal of Applied Toxicology 1996-
    Reviews and original research.

  • Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine 2007-
    Topical articles on legal medicine and all clinical aspects of forensic medicine.

  • Journal of Forensic Psychology 2009-
    Open Access journals. Also called ‘Forensic Psychology Unbound’.
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