Professional associations, reference sources, specialist libraries and websites

    Site of the Court of Justice of the EU, including database of case reports and related documents.

  • EUR-Lex
    Official search for EU legal materials, including the Official Journal, treaties, directives and case law.

  • Europa
    Official EU portal, giving access to institutions, policies, laws, statistics and official publications.

  • European Commission: External Trade
    Gives information about EU trade policies and practice, allows you to search for statistics, legislation and relevant documents

  • European Court of Human Rights (ECHR)
    Information on the work, composition and constitution of the European Court of Human Rights.

  • European e-Justice Portal
    Businesses section contains information on companies, business registers, insolvencies, etc.

    Searchable database and index of ECHR case law, including judgments and advisory opinions.

  • ICO: Information Commissioner's Office
    Covers use of information in organisations including data protection and freedom of information. See the "For Organisations" section for organisation obligations including data protection, the freedom of information and much more. Follow the links on the right hand side of the page to guides on marketing, charity, etc.

Before believing the information given on a web site, or quoting it in your essay or project, think about the following:


  • Who is responsible for the page/site?
  • Is it a reliable organisation (e.g. a well-known university) or a subject expert?
  • Can you trust them?

Accuracy and reliability

  • Is the information correct?
  • Is the grammar and spelling correct?
  • Is it complete, or are they just giving one point of view?
  • Do they have their own agenda, e.g. political organisations?
  • Is the information fact or opinion?


  • Can you tell how up-to-date it is?
  • Is it regularly updated?
  • You don't want to quote out-of-date information

Audience / relevance

  • Is the information of the right level to be quoted in your project? If it is aimed at the general public or school children it might not be!


  • Is the site well-structured and easy to navigate?
  • Are the links from the page up-to-date and valid?
  • If it is well designed and maintained then you can feel more confident about the information it provides
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