Professional associations, reference sources, specialist libraries and websites

  • CIRIN network
    Links to the CIRIN Bulletin and many other Interpreting and Translation Studies online journal, many full-text. 

  • Interpreter training resources
    Free resources aimed at helping students to acquire the skills necessary to become conference interpreters. Includes ideas, articles, practical exercises for consecutive and simultaneous interpreting, note-taking and preparation.

  • European Parliament
    Official website covering all aspects of the European Parliament. Through the "EP Live" feature, debates and events can be viewed through live web streaming.

  • Europa
    Portal site of the European Union. Click here to access the languages portal for information about translation and interpreting in the EU. Also provides a multilingual EU terminology database.

  • Babels 
    Babels is an international network of volunteer interpreters and translators whose main objective is to cover the interpreting needs of the European and World Social Forums.
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