Migration day 1: How to guide

Day 1 How-to Guide

The Day 1 How-to Guide for students provides specific instructions and screenshots to help support you in advance of, and on day one of using Microsoft. The Guide isn't fully accessible, so the accordions below are the accessible version of this document.

Welcome to Microsoft 365

This page is an accessible version of the Day 1 How-to Guide, showing how you can:

  • Get logged into Microsoft 365 (M365) and setup Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Access Outlook – your new email and calendar tool
  • Access OneDrive – your new personal file storage and sharing tool
  • Get London Met email, calendar and file storage on your mobile device
  • Learn some top tips for using and navigating M365

To get logged in 

  1. Go to the Microsoft 365 portal and log in with your username@my.londonmet.ac.uk and your usual password
  2. You will be prompted to setup Multi-Factor Authentication – follow the guidance on screen to set this up
  3. You are now logged into Microsoft 365

To get to Outlook (email and calendar)

  1. Click the Outlook icon on the M365 home page
  2. Your mailbox will open in Outlook on the web – all your emails and folders have been migrated over automatically from Gmail
  3. To open your calendar, click the calendar icon 
  4. Your calendar will open in the web browser – your events have all been migrated over automatically from Google Calendar

To get to OneDrive (file storage)

  1. Click the App Launcher (the button with 9 dots in the top left hand corner)
  2. Select Layout to change your view, enable/disable Focused Inbox, remove conversation view etc.
  3. Click on the OneDrive icon to open your file storage via the web browser – any folders and files that you had in Google Drive have been automatically moved over for you, and placed in the folder called Google Data
  4. We have deployed the OneDrive desktop application to all London Met managed PCs and Macs – if you wish to use this, search for it on your device and login to access your files from your desktop rather than the web.

To get email, calendar and files on your mobile device

  • Download and log into the Microsoft Outlook app from your app store for email and calendar
  • Download and log into the Microsoft OneDrive app from your app store for files

Microsoft 365 top tips

Changing settings in Outlook on the web:

Click on Settings and scroll down to View all Outlook Settings  

  • Select Compose and reply to create a new email signature (signatures are not migrated from Google) 
  • NB: ‘Focused Inbox’ is a default enabled feature in Outlook where it automatically identifies those messages which it thinks are higher priority on a separate tab. This can easily be disabled in Outlook Settings

Opening calendars:

  1. Click Add calendar and then Add from directory. Start typing the name of the London Met user you wish to add and their address should autofill – if they are still on Google, the address will show as “@gsuite.londonmet.ac.uk” but will still work.
  2. Click Add and close the window – the calendar will appear under the People’s calendar tab. 

Sharing calendars:

  • To share with colleagues who are also on Microsoft 365 – click on Share then type in the recipient’s email address and select the relevant sharing option from the dropdown box. 

Creating email Rules (known as Filters in Google):

  • Filters are known as Rules in M365 and are not migrated from Google
  • To create new email Rules, simply click on the ellipsis towards the top-right and select Rules -> Create rule

Sharing files on OneDrive:

All sharing permissions have been migrated, but you will need to reshare files/folders with anyone who is still on London Met’s Google Workspace, or if you’ve shared anything externally outside of the University. To re-share:

  1. Hover over the file/folder in OneDrive on the web and click the share button
  2. Type in the email address of the person you wish to share with
  3. Before sharing, check the Link settings by clicking on ‘people you specify can edit’ and ensure you’ve applied the relevant sharing settings

Other tips:

  • If you sent out an invite series before migration, we recommend that you re-send it so that you get the full Teams integration and can see the Join button in both Outlook and Teams
  • You will see that there is now a Calendar button in Teams – you can access your calendar from here without needing to go into Outlook.
  • The web versions of Outlook and OneDrive can be accessed from any web browser.
  • Labels from Gmail are replaced with Folders in your new Outlook mailbox
  • You can find email addresses of all London Met users by typing their name into the To field on a new email and their address should autofill – if they are still on Google, the address will show as “@gsuite.londonmet.ac.uk” but will still work.
  • For more information, please check the Microsoft 365 resources page we have published on Student Zone, or go to LinkedIn Learning to access tutorials through the top banner when you sign in using your London Met account. 
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