Guidance for Final Year Students

As final year students will be in their final weeks of study with London Met when the change takes place, we will not migrate them to Microsoft 365 (M365) and they will remain on Google. 

If you are a final year student and are not returning to London Met to study next academic year (2023-24) then you can continue using Google.

From Monday 3 April onwards, you may need to share files with academic staff slightly differently as they will be on M365. Please view our Final Year Student Google Drive Guidance. The accessible version of the document can be found below.

  1. In Google Drive, on the relevant document click Share
  2. A window will pop up which details the sharing options
  3. Click the drop down area under the General Access header to view 3 sharing options - Restricted; London Metropolitan University; Anyone with the link
  4. Anyone with the link - select this to allow anyone with the link to the document to access it, you can then copy the link and share it with whoever may need it
  5. Restricted - select this to share with a specific email address, this can be any address whether it's on Google, M365 or completely external to London Met. You will see a warning message to notify you that you are sharing this externally - check the email address is correct and click Share anyway
  6. London Metropolitan University - this option will only allow sharing with other users on London Met's Google platfform so do not use it if you want to share with academic staff after Monday 3 April 2023
  7. Regardless of which sharing option you choose, be mindful of setting the correct Role for the recipient to have - Viewer; Commenter; Editor

If a final year student shares a document with you from Google using the Anyone with the link option, you should be able to view this using the link they provide you without needing to login to Google.

If you are prompted to login, or if the student shares a document with you from Google using the Restricted option, follow the guidance below.

  1. After clicking the sharing link from the student, a verification message might appear (depending on how the student shared the document)
  2. Even though you are not on Google anymore, you can click Next and login with your and your usual password
  3. You will then see a 2-Step Verification screen - verify in the same way you did prior to migration
  4. If you are unable to edit the file, check with the student that they have set the correct Role for you - if they have set Editor permissions on the document you will also be able to download it if needed 
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