Google is changing to Microsoft 365

London Met is moving from Google to Microsoft 365 for email, calendar and file storage. Students will begin using Microsoft 365 (M365) from Monday 17 April 2023. 

Who does this impact?

All students except final year students. As final year students will be in their final weeks of study with London Met when this change takes place, we will not migrate them to M365 and they will remain on Google. 

What is changing?

  • You will use Outlook on the web for email and calendar.
  • You will use OneDrive on the web for file storage. This is an easy-to-use way of sharing your essays, spreadsheets and any other documents you use.
  • Google apps (Sheets, Slides, Docs etc.) will be replaced by the Microsoft equivalent (Excel, PowerPoint, Word) which is more in line with most workplaces and will mean you have additional digital competence for your CV.
  • Google Meet and Google Chat will be replaced by Microsoft Teams, which many of you have been using already during the lockdowns.
  • We will turn on Multi-Factor Authentication which will require you to confirm your identity via mobile app or text message notification when you login to Microsoft 365. This keeps you secure and gives you better protection from cyber-attacks.
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