Laptop loans

Laptops are available for students to borrow from self-service lockers in these locations:

  • Learning Centre
  • Blue Met lounge
  • Aldgate Library Student Lounge

You can borrow one for up to four hours for use on campus, using your student ID card.

The laptops are Chromebooks, which are not quite the same as regular PCs, so please take a minute to become familiar with them.

  • A Chromebook is a fast simple laptop designed to be used while connected to the internet.  Its operating system is Google’s Chrome OS rather than Windows or Apple’s OS X.  It’s intended to be used with an internet connection, so most applications and documents live in ‘the cloud’. 
  • Chromebooks don’t have the same programs as regular computers so sometimes you have to take a different approach to get things done.  If you need more advanced software, please use one of the desktop computers instead.

Security and saving data

  • Your downloads and browsing history are deleted as soon as you close the lid or press the Exit session button.  This is to ensure that users can’t see each other’s files or browsing history, but it also means you cannot save work on the Chromebook. 
  • If you have something you want to keep you need to save it to your Google drive or an external storage device (ie USB flash or hard drive).

Automatically connect to University WiFi

  • The Chromebooks automatically connect to the University's WiFi system, so you can only use them on campus.

The self-service lockers are operated with your student ID card.

Read further for more information.

They're similar to laptops but operate slightly differently.  Read further for more information. 

There's also a guide to using function keys and shortcuts etc: Getting started with Chromebooks .


  • Learning Centre: 24 lockers with Toshiba Chromebooks and 12 lockers for charging your own device
  • Blue Met Lounge, Tower Building: 12 lockers with Viglen Chromebooks


  • Aldgate Library Student Lounge, 1st floor Calcutta House: 12 lockers with HP Chromebooks

The self-service Chromebooks loan is a joint project between the Library and ITS.  Staff from both departments have been working together to arrange lockers to be installed and connected to the Library systems.  This will allow us to offer Chromebook loans in the same way that the Library loans books, making it more convenient for students.

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