Ramadan Information

A slide displaying the words Ramadan Information

Support over Ramadan

Muslims all over the world observe the religious celebration Ramadan with a month of fasting. This year, a lot of students will be undertaking exams during Ramadan, which can make studying a lot more stressful for those taking part.

Ramadan will start on Sunday 5 May, and end Tuesday 4 June.

Students will be taking guidance from Muslim organisations and Imams on the expectations. Some students may decide not to take any particular steps and to continue with their Fast as usual during the exam period. Others may have decided or been advised that their examinations are sufficient justification to permit them not to Fast, either just on examination days or perhaps for the whole examination period. 

These are personal decisions that both staff and students should consider when talking with their Muslim peers.

There are three multi-faith prayer room throughout the University. The prayer room can be found in TM1-84, on the Holloway Campus; at Moorgate, the room is MGG-02; and at Aldgate, the room can be found in CM5-12, in Calcutta House. Please be mindful when passing these rooms.

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