Tuition fee payment policy

Information on Paying Tuition Fees

UK/EU full-time undergraduates who are eligible for the fee loan:

If you have not yet received your loan then you must bring evidence of your application for the loan to enrolment.

If you have not applied by the time of enrolment, please speak to a member of staff for advice on the next step.  Please note that you may be asked to pay 50% of your fees in order to enrol.

If you have opted not to take out a fee loan, you will be required to pay your fees as laid out below.

Tuition fees are due and payable at enrolment. However, students are given two payment options:

  • Two equal instalments: 50% on enrolment and 50% by 31 December (31 May if you begin your course in January/February). There are no instalment arrangements or discounts available for courses of one semester.
  • Nine equal instalments: The first payable at enrolment then 8 equal payments by direct debit on the last working day of the month commencing in October (March for February starters), or via automatic payments from your credit or debit card.

Students who are being sponsored by a third party commercial organisation must provide an original letter on a company letterhead confirming the amount the sponsor is paying and containing a Purchase Order number. The sponsor will be invoiced directly and will have 30 days to pay from the date of the invoice. Sponsored students do not qualify for a prompt payment discount.

If a student wishes to query the amount that they have been charged then they can do this either by visiting their local Undergraduate or Postgraduate office or by emailing:

It is helpful if students can provide some sort of documentation to show why they believe their fees are incorrect, i.e. the financial assessment letter from Student Finance England or the module registration form showing the number of modules they are taking. Please note that where the tuition fee is determined by the number of modules a student is taking we will work from the information on the student record system.

If a student fails to make an agreed payment under any of the above arrangements then their access to University facilities may be suspended until either payments have been brought ‘up-to-date’ or full payment has been received.

Suspended students are not entitled to attend lectures/seminars, or use any of the University’s facilities including the library and computing services. Smartcard access to University buildings will be switched off and they will not receive any award until the outstanding fees are paid.

Please also note that we have the right, under the regulations, to cancel any marks gained whilst a student is suspended. Students who are suspended when a semester starts will not be able to enrol for that semester unless they clear their debt before the last date of enrolment.

As set out in the University’s regulations, suspended students remain liable for their full tuition fees for the year. This contractual commitment is clearly stated on forms signed at enrolment.

Contact details for payment Queries

If a student wishes to discuss the method or timing of payment of their fees they should contact the Income Collection Section by email.

The University recommends that students whose financial problems cause difficulty in making tuition fee payments as agreed, or whose fee assessment letter from Student Finance England is delayed should, in the first instance, contact Student Services to discuss their position.

If they are unable to make any payment commitment agreed with the Income Collection team, they should contact a member of that team as soon as possible.

The University also strongly advises that any student considering withdrawing from their course or suspending study should contact their School Office to discuss other options before making a final decision to withdraw.

The School Offices can be contacted either via email or online chat:

Art, Architecture and Design:, or online chat.

Computing and Digital Media:, or online chat.

Guildhall School of Business and Law:, or online chat.

Human Sciences:, or online chat.

Social Professions:, or online chat.

Social Sciences:, or online chat.  

Leaving a course early does NOT remove the liability for the full year’s tuition fees. Once a student has enrolled then the whole fees are due. Students may apply for a reduction of their fees by contacting the Academic Registry at Please note any reduction of tuition fees is at the discretion of the Academic Registrar or their appointed nominee. It is extremely unlikely that a full waiver of fees will be agreed even for a student who leaves at the very beginning of the academic year.

Students should also note that if they stop attending without permission then they may be withdrawn from the University; if that happens then no further enrolment will be allowed.

Students who owe tuition fees from previous years are not normally allowed to re-enrol until full payment of the outstanding amount has been made. However, exceptional arrangements may be made to allow students to continue their studies.

Any student wishing to discuss an outstanding debt should be directed, in the first instance, to the Income Collection Section by email.

Please note that the University reserves the right to require payment in full in advance of enrolment and/or evidence of funding for the correct academic year of the course.

The University uses third party agencies for the collection of outstanding debts. If any student fails to pay their dues after requests to do so, the University may refer the debt to an agency to collect on its behalf.

Court action

The University will, and does, take legal action against any student who does not pay their tuition fees and fails to respond to requests for payment. Such action may lead to a County Court Judgment being registered and Bailiff’s being asked to seize property. This may also affect a student’s credit rating and they may find it difficult to gain credit for six years.

Amount Due/Instalment Arrangements/ Make a Payment
Queries relating to invoices and amounts due, instalment arrangements, direct debits and automatic credit card payments, should be directed to the Income Collection Team. If you would like to make a payment or have a query relating to methods of payment or payments already made please contact the Income Collection Team whose offices are located at:

Income Collection
Finance Department
Admin Block
Tower Building
166-220 Holloway Road
London N7 8DB
Tel: 020 7133 3712

Opening Hours
Income Collection are open from 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

Economic Sanctions

The university is unable to accept payments originating from the following list of countries sanctioned by either the UK or the US. Students wishing to pay their fees from a non-UK bank account will be asked to confirm the source of funding.

Current sanctioned countries are:
Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, South Sudan and Syria

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