The General Student Regulations on Appeals and Complaints exist to protect students against the possibility of unfair assessment or from unforeseen circumstances. Please see the full information below.

They also provide an appeal mechanism for students whose student status has been terminated (e.g. discontinuation of studies) by the University. These procedures form Section 8 of the University’s General Student Regulations 2017/18, and the grounds under which students can appeal are very specific. Appeals may not be made in respect of academic judgement or in respect of rejected claims for mitigating circumstances.

Please note 'mitigating circumstances' has been removed as a ground of appeal for 2017/18. If you have been affected by mitigating circumstances which prevented you from submitting assessed work by the deadline or from attending an exam, class-test, presentation etc. you should submit a Mitigating Circumstances claim.  The deadline for doing so is 2 weeks from the date of the assessment deadline, exam, etc. If this deadline has passed you can still submit a claim but it will only be considered if you can demonstrate good reason for missing the 2 week deadline. For further information please see Mitigating Circumstances.

The deadline for submitting an appeal is 10 working days from the date of publication of the result(s) concerned or the notification of the termination of your student registration; however, if you do wish to submit an appeal you are encouraged to do so as early as is practicable. Submitting your Appeal:

Students are advised to read the 2017-18 GSR08 - Appeals and Complaints very carefully prior to making an appeal. Applications, which do not meet the criteria as described, will not be considered. If you require additional advice or assistance please refer to the contact details below, or contact your Student Hub.

Your completed form and supporting evidence must be submitted in person to a Student Hub by the specified deadline, or by post, email to the Student Casework Office, to arrive by the specified deadline. Appeals received after the deadline cannot normally be considered.

That the University did not act in accordance with the relevant Regulations and/or Procedures in the provision and execution of the assessment process and that this, in turn, had a significant impact on the student.

Appeals under this ground may relate to:

  • the outcome of an assessment;
  • a procedural defect/irregularity in the assessment process;
  • bias or perception of bias;
  • an error relating to the recording of marks. Students should only appeal in this regard if they were unable for good reason to submit a Module Query Form to their Student Hub within two weeks of the publication date of the mark in question or if the University has not resolved the query within 20 working days;
  • the requirements for awarding qualifications.

Furthermore, under this ground, a student may claim that their performance was impaired in assessment(s) taken prior to being issued a University Internal Needs Assessment Report (INAR) approving assessment related adjustments. Such appeals will normally only be considered for assessments undertaken in the same academic year in which the INAR was issued.

Procedural Defect Appeal Form

  • That the University did not act in accordance with the relevant Regulations and/or Procedures in terminating the student’s registration and that the failure to do so made the decision unfair; and/or
  • The student has been affected by circumstances which had a significant long-term impact, but which for good reason, they had previously been unable to disclose via the appropriate University procedures.

‘Termination of Student Registration’ is a decision to terminate a student’s enrolment at the University where they shall cease to be a student of the University.

Please note that Termination of Student Registration Appeals will be considered by the Student Casework Office. 

Termination of Student Registration form

Termination of Student Registration form

Please note that appeals are, by their nature, often complex, requiring dialogue with various University offices to determine a full and accurate record and understanding of the events concerned. All appeals are considered on their individual merits and unfortunately this can sometimes mean that decisions take some time to reach.


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