Academic Regulations

To take effect from September 2016

1.  Introduction to the Academic Regulations

1.1 Foreword

1.2 List of abbreviations

1.3 Regulatory definitions

2. Generic principles for (undergraduate and postgraduate) taught courses

2.1 Generic principles for schemes and courses

 2.2 Generic principles for admission to courses and the Universitys minimum ent

3. Undergraduate regulatory framework

3.1 Undergraduate Awards Framework and course structure

3.2 Regulations for undergraduate assessment

3.3 Integrated Masters Regulatory Framework

4. Postgraduate regulatory framework

4.1 Postgraduate Awards Framework and Regulations for the postgraduate scheme ..

4.2 Regulations for taught postgraduate assessment

5‌. Research Degree Regulatory Framework

5.1 Research Degrees Awards framework

5.2 Research Degree Regulations for MPhil, PhD, PhD(Eur), PhD by Prior Output, D

5.3 Regulatory framework for Professional Doctorate programmes

6‌. Regulatory framework for Professional and Personal Development courses

6.1 Professional and Personal Development Awards Framework and Regulations

6.2 Regulations for Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma

6.3 Regulations for the Open Language Programme

7. Honorary degrees Awards framework

8 Regulations on assessment and certification

8.1 Regulations on assessment and Assessment Boards

8.2 Regulations for certification

9. Regulations governing responsibilities of students

‌10 Appendix of Associated Procedures

10.1 APL Procedures

10.2 Procedures covering the conduct of examinations

10.3 Procedures for the submission of Mitigating Circumstances

10.4 Procedures for Appeal against decisions of Assessment Boards

10.5 Procedures on Student Academic Misconduct

10.6 Procedures for the Conduct of the Research Degree Oral Examination

10.7 Progression Matrix

10.8 Procedures for Appeal against Termination of a Student’s Registration


Academic Regulations Summary of Changes 2016-17

Academic Regulations (full PDF)

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