Safety message

According to the Metropolitan Police, firearms and weapons attacks in the UK are very rare.  

The latest incident has prompted us to share new safety guidelines with all members of the London Met community. This guidance has been developed by counter-terrorism police.

In the unlikely event that you should find yourself caught up in an incident you should

  • run to a place of safety;
  • if there is nowhere to go, then hide; turn your mobile phone to silent and switch off vibrate;
  • call 999 when it is safe to do so.

Please take four minutes out of your day to look at this brief information video, which visually summarises the run, hide, tell strategy.

​The University has a support network for students. You can make an appointment with the University's Counselling Service at any time:

Tel: 020 7133 2094 (Learning Centre, Holloway campus)

Tel: 020 7133 7002 (Calcutta House, Aldgate campus)

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