- online video tutorials is a fantastic online video tutorial library with thousands of courses ranging from beginner to expert level.

All students at London Metropolitan University have full, free access to the online tutorials on is easily accessible through your laptop and desktop, or try the apps for IOS, Android and Windows. is an online learning platform that helps anyone learn business, software, technology and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals. London Metropolitan University students have unlimited access to the video library of over 4,000 courses. Explore hundreds of topics on software applications like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator, and professional development topics like leadership, time management and many more.

Founded in 1995 and owned by LinkedIn, serves more than 10,000 institutions. Tutorials are available in 5 other languages. London Met has been a member since January 2016.

Learn a new skill online and in your own time with over 4,000 courses in media, business and technology to choose from:



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Log in to with your University username and password.

  1. Go to
  2. Select 'Sign in with your organisation portal' from the sign-in window
  3. Enter and click 'Continue'
  4. You'll then be directed to the London Met Web Login page
  5. Log in with your University username and password

If you have problems logging in please contact the ICT Servicedesk

  • Unlimited, anytime and anywhere access
  • Expert instructions, Bite Size Tutorials
  • Enables students to learn at their own pace, choose their own tailor made courses, no pressure of deadlines or missed opportunities as you can pause, rewind and save the course to a playlist whereby you can access any time or anywhere
  • Time Management, C.V building and other professional courses will also enhance the student’s learning experience.
  • Certificates of Completion which can be linked to your LinkedIn Profile to further build your educational history
  • Training in Mac, Windows, Excel and Linux programmes FAQ

Yes, is accessible through your desktop, laptop or mobile device anywhere and anytime!

No, not while you are a student at London Met.  We have a subscription that allows all London Met students to use it.  Follow the 'How to log in' instructions as you will need to log in with your London Met username and password.

The video tutorials range from a few minutes to a few hours long.  Each course displays a playlist of the contents and you can select which elements to watch, in whatever order you like.

Tip: use the 'Playback speed' function to speed up or slow down the narration.  Speed up when you want to skim through part of the course, and then slow down when you reach something important.

With the Playlist feature you can browse the entire inventory and build your own learning library which may include entire courses or just individual topics of interest. is accessible to all London Metropolitan University students and staff.

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