Academic advice and tutors (PATs)

Every undergraduate student is allocated to a Personal Academic Tutor (PAT). You will meet your PAT as part of the Welcome Programme.

Your PAT, who is a member of teaching staff from the faculty responsible for your course, will take responsibility for your progress and is the person with whom you should discuss any academic concerns that you may have.

PATs advise students on the following range of issues:

  • programme planning, module registration and related matters
  • accreditation of Prior Learning applications
  • progression and the requirements for awards
  • learning development and the support available to students from other agencies within the University
  • personal Development Planning and the development of employability
  • recovery plans for people who need to repeat part of their studies or who are falling behind with assessed work
  • authorise complex programmes of studies

Your Personal Academic Tutor may refer you to Student Services or the Centre for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching for extra learning support. Your PAT can also act as a referee for a job application.  

PATs work closely with the Student Hub and spend part of their time in the office working with Student Hub staff to support students; appointments with your PAT can be made via your Student Hub. You are encouraged to make regular contact with your PAT through the year, and meetings will be most frequent during your first year of study, to assist you in settling in and to help you understand the requirements made of you during assessment. You will be advised when formal meetings are required but feel free to contact your PAT whenever you need to discuss or seek advice on any issues affecting your studies or your progress. 

Course Leader

Your Course Leader is responsible for the day-to-day organisation of your course. They will work closely with your Personal Academic Adviser if you are having difficulties with any part of the course, as well as with the Course Administrator in the Student Hub.

Module Lecturer

Module lecturers are members of academic staff who lead the modules contributing to your programme of study and are key to your learning experience. They should be your first port of call for academic advice on any topics you do not understand following a lecture or seminar.  All Module lecturers have “office hours” – these are set times during the week when they are available for consultation.  For each module there will be a Module Booklet. 

Module lecturers and your seminar tutors also confirm your attendance at classes each week and you can view the data they submit via your Evision account.

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