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The Mitigating Circumstances appeal form is only to be used where the student was unable to submit a claim for mitigating circumstances via the standard procedure and within the standard timescale for submitting mitigating circumstances claims

Student may claim that their performance was impaired in assessment(s) taken prior to being issued a University Internal Needs Assessment Report (INAR) approving assessment related adjustments.

Please note that Termination of Student Status Appeals will be considered by the Vice-Chancellor or nominee, as appropriate. The Vice-Chancellor’s decision shall be final.

Credit transfer

All undergraduate and postgraduate courses at London Metropolitan University are based on a Credit Accumulation and Transfer (CATS) framework whereby students accumulate credit points at the appropriate level by completing modules (15 credits or 30 credits per standard undergraduate module and 20 credits per standard postgraduate module). These credits accumulate to give an award.


It is the student responsibility to check the main published exam timetable on ExamTrack as soon as this is published, to identify any clash of exams, and to advise the Assessment & Conferment Office as soon as possible and no later than the Monday before the start of the examination period.

Taking a Break Forms

If you wish to take a break in your studies whilst you are enrolled / part way through an academic year.

If you wish to take a break in your studies after the completion of an academic year and before formally re-enrolling for the forthcoming academic year.

Module query result form

If you believe an error has been made in the computation of your total marks for a module, level or award you should submit a Module Query Form to your Student Hub within two weeks of the publication date of the assessment concerned. Students who can provide good reason for missing the deadline should submit a Procedural Defect Appeal to the Student Hub, attaching a completed Module Query Form.

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