Complaint handlers

The following staff has been appointed by Schools and Professional Service Departments to handle formal complaints relating to their areas.


Dean Bartlett -


Barrie Goldstone -

Klaus Fischer -

Christopher Emmett, Head of Subject: Design -

Signy Svalastoga, Head of Subject: Architecture -

Gian Carlo Rossi, Head of Subject: Art - 

Elena Moschini, Head of Student Experience and Academic

Sheelagh Heugh, Principal Lecturer -

Brian Tutt, Principal Lecturer -

Steven Curtis, Head of Student Experience and Outcomes -

Centre for International Programmes and Languages:

Chris Lane -

Professor Jeffrey Haynes -

Pam Nelson, Deputy Chief Operating Officer -

Paulette Lyden, Business Manager -

Phil Chapman, Director of Engagement -

Subi Darbhanga, Head of Academic Services -

Subi Darbhanga, Head of Academic Services -

Alison Sorrell, Interim Customer Liaison Manager -

Lynsey Berrecloth, Immigration and International Students Advice Manager -

Laura Simmons, Head of Library Customer Services Development -

Accommodation Bureau
Demi Demetriades, Accommodation Bureau Manager -

Advice, Information & Funding Service
Rob Everett, Manager Advice, Information & Funding Service -

Counselling Service
Hugh Clarke, Head of Advice & Well-being & Counselling Service Manager -

Disabilities & Dyslexia Service
Sarah Richardson, Disabilities & Dyslexia Service Manager -

Advice and Well-being:

Hugh Clarke, Head of Advice & Well-being & Counselling Service Manager -

Neelam Thapar / Fiona Tracey, Senior Careers Consultants -

Students' Union:

Complaints about the service of the SU: please use the SU's Complaints Procedure -

Complaints about staff of the SU to: Mark Crowhurst, General Manager Students' Union -

Nick Giddy, Deputy University Secretary (Legal and Student Matters) -

CPED - Centre for Professional & Educational Development
Digby Warren, Head of CPED -

Estates/Campus Services
Ada Okechukwu, Estates -

Colette McArdle, Head of Strategic Procurement -
(please note there is a separate procurement complaints procedure for Quotation or Tendering processes – see

Quality Enhancement Unit
Catherine Connor, Head, Quality Enhancement Unit, -

Vice Chancellor’s Office
(including Secretary’s Office)
Deborah Byatt, Head of Academic Business Administration -

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