2017/18 Student Regulation change

Key changes across the 2017-18 General Student Regulations

Starting from the new academic year, the University will be implementing the 2017-18 General Student Regulations, these regulations will apply to all students registered or enrolled at the University. There is a summary below that will note important new regulations for 2017-18, updates to previous regulations and any important regulations that are no longer required. There will also be short explenation under each change that will explain the change.

GSR03 Post Enrolment Obligations

NEW 2.1.6 – Regulation 2.1.6 requires students to moniter their University provided email account and relevant notice boards for any important notices and University communications.

This is a new regulation to emphasise the importance of students checking their email for official notices and communications.

GSR05 Fees and Bursaries

NEW 1.4 – Regulation 1.4 clarifies that students changing from part time to full time or vice versa will not be considered a continuing student.

This is a new regulation and reflects SFE practice.

GSR07 Mitigating Circumstances

UPDATED 4.3.8 – Be received by a Student Hub no later than two weeks from the published submission date of the component concerned or the date of the examination.

This will encourage students to submit their claim as soon as possible so that they can receive an outcome sooner. This also brings the deadline in line with other deadlines for University procedures.

NEW 5.1 – Claims received after the deadline specified in regulation 4.3.8 will be deemed invalid and will not be considered unless the student has demonstrated good reason, supported by appropriate independent evidence, for any period of delay.

This will allow for late submission of claims where students cannot meet the 2 week deadline for good reason (e.g. delays in being able to obtain evidence).

GSR08 Appeals and Complaints

NO LONGER REQUIRED – The ‘mitigating circumstances’ ground is no longer required as a ground of appeal because of the new regulation whereby a late mitigating circumstance claim can be considered. (GSR07 – See regulation 5.1 above). This has simplified the process and means that mitigation can be considered via one procedure rather than two.

GSR09 Student Conduct

UPDATED 20.2 – In cases where a Proctor identifies Major Misconduct, the Proctor will notify the student, sending them a copy of the disciplinary report and any evidence in support of it – student will be given 10 working days to respond to the Student Casework Office.

This will simplify the process and ensure that the student is fully aware of the allegation against them at an earlier stage in the process. In turn, this will entail more timely consideration of cases by Disciplinary Boards.

UPDATED 20.2 – Failure to respond to the allegation of Major Misconduct within 10 working days will result in the student being deemed to have accepted the allegation then Panel will determine the level of any penalty.

This will harmonise the procedures and will allow for closure of proceedings where students do not engage with the process. Students’ right of appeal against the decision of the Panel are not affected.

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