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The Researcher Development Programme (RDP) provides a range of training and development opportunities for research staff and postgraduate research students at London Metropolitan University.

Courses are available for all levels of experience from established and advanced researchers to new researchers.

The courses are designed to support researchers in developing a full range of transferable professional, personal, research, and career skills and knowledge.

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MANTRA is a free course with guidelines to help you understand and reflect on how to manage the data you collect throughout your research. The course is particularly appropriate for those who work with digital data.

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Writing Group/s for Research Students
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Setting aside regular blocks of time to write in the company of others can provide focus, inspiration, and - most importantly - writing! CELT is available to assist those wishing to establish such a group.  We can discuss with you the kind of support that would be most beneficial - e.g., guidance, facilitation, dedicated space - and we invite you to contact us to take your ideas further.

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London DTCs Network
The London Doctoral Training Centres (DTCs) Network includes six London-based Economic & Social Research Council-funded DTCs.  This network has been set-up to allow social science PhD students from across all London-based universities to access as broad a range of training opportunities as possible.

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Events at the British Library

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The UK Data Service is a comprehensive resource funded by the ESRC to support researchers, teachers and policymakers who depend on high-quality social and economic data.

Here you will find a single point of access to a wide range of secondary data including large-scale government surveys, international macrodata, business microdata, qualitative studies and census data from 1971 to 2011.

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The UK Data Service organises a number of live webinars on different topics and for different audiences.

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The Programme offers a range of courses in four domains:

Knowledge and Intellectual Abilities - the knowledge, intellectual abilities and techniques needed to carry out research

Personal Effectiveness - the personal qualities, and career and self-management skills needed to take ownership of and engage in professional development

Research Governance and Organisation - the knowledge of the standards, requirements and professional conduct needed for the effective management of research

Engagement, Influence and Impact - the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to engage with, influence and impact on the academic, social, cultural, economic and broader context

London Metropolitan University's Researcher Development Programme is based on the Researcher Development Framework and Statement.

This Framework is a progression of the Joint Skills Statement and supports the implementation of: the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers; the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education Code of Practice for Postgraduate Research Programmes; and the Roberts’ recommendations for researchers.

FBL Research Training Handbook. This handbook is a guide to research training opportunities available to research staff and postgraduate research students within the Guildhall School of Business and Law (GSBL).

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