How to submit coursework

This section covers all details regarding the submission of coursework including deadlines, the process and frequently asked questions.

Academic Schools are responsible for confirming deadlines for each component of your modules; these are detailed in Module Handbooks and can also be accessed via your Evision account. If you believe a deadline is incorrect please contact your tutor.

When handing in coursework you must ensure that you have understood and followed all the instructions provided by the module tutor. For each coursework assignment the type of submission will be specified as either:

  • an ‘Online Submission’ via Turnitin (via weblearn) or Weblearn; or
  • a ‘Hardcopy Submission’ which you submit in person to your Student Hub.

The standard deadline time for submitting all coursework assessments is 3pm (whether online or in hardcopy).

Please note that the University does not accept late work. You are expected to submit all coursework by 3pm on the published deadline shown in your Evision account. However, if you encounter unexpected circumstances which result in you not being able to submit your work, the following options are available to you:

  • Request an Exceptional Coursework Extension of up to 5 working days (for a claim to be approved the circumstances MUST be exceptional and unforeseen which have prevented you from submitting your work by the deadline date);
  • Submit a claim for Mitigating Circumstances if you cannot submit, even with an agreed exceptional coursework extension.

Reassessment submission dates:

Reassessment submission date (Undergraduate and Postgraduate): 
31 July 2017
Undergraduate Level 4 February 2016 starters reassessment coursework submission date:
13 September 2017
Postgraduate dissertation reassessment submission dates:
16 January 2017
15 May 2017
4 September 2017

Module not running submission dates:
If you have an assessment opportunity in a module that is not currently running (not being taught), then the following generic deadlines apply:

Generic coursework submission date in Autumn semester where module not running:
19 January 2017
Generic coursework submission date in Spring semester where module not running:
18 May 2017
Generic coursework submission date in summer reassessment period where module not running:
31 August 2017

You may be asked to use one of the two online submission tools: Turnitin or Weblearn, and your coursework should be submitted to the online submission point provided for each assignment on your Weblearn module. Online submission points can be found on the ‘Online Assessment’ page of each module.

If submitting via Turnitin, word-based documents will be checked for plagiarism using Turnitin Originality Reports and you can check your Originality Report prior to submission. 

Turnitin only accepts one file per submission.  For multiple files you can convert each file to a pdf format. Do this by going to 'Save As' and choosing PDF as the file type. Once the files are all in a PDF format they can be 'stitched' together by clicking on the following link

Save the document and then submit through Turnitin.

Turnitin only allows single file submissions, so you will need to combine your document into one.

Save the document and then submit through Turnitin.

Further information on how to use online submission tools such as Turnitin or Weblearn, how to download an online submission receipt, and how to improve Originality Reports prior to submission Weblearn Online Submission Help page.

Unless otherwise specified hardcopy coursework must be submitted to a Student Hub with a securely attached barcoded coursework coversheet.

You may submit your work over the counter of your Student Hub during opening hours or via the after-hours drop-box facilities. 

It is possible to submit via post or courier, but we strongly advise that it is sent recorded/registered delivery and well in advance of the deadline. For your coursework to be recorded on time it must arrive at the University on or before the deadline date and time. You cannot submit your coursework by email or fax. Please do not leave submitting your coursework until the last minute.

To generate and print an individual barcoded coursework coversheet, log into Evision and click the ‘Generate Coversheet’ link accessed via the Statement of Coursework to be Submitted page. This page will display your study details, your coursework submissions due and, if appropriate, any coursework submissions due for outstanding re-assessments. You can also view details of your previous coursework submissions, and a list of modules you are registered for.

There is also a button to use if your item of assessment does not appear on screen, which will generate a coursework coversheet for a module you are not registered for, or is otherwise missing from your list of coursework to be submitted. If you ever need to use this feature you will be prompted to type in the details of the coursework you wish to submit. Coursework coversheets generated in this way will not incorporate a barcode.

Sometimes Evision access can be suspended if, for example, you are in debt to the University. If this is the case students will still, in most cases, be eligible to submit coursework. In such cases you should contact your Student Hub for advice.

If your coursework submission deadline is imminent and you are not able to print a coversheet, you should take your coursework directly to the Student Hub without a printed coversheet and staff will be able to provide a manual coversheet for you to attach to your coursework. Generally, and in order to minimise problems of this nature, you are advised to print your coursework coversheet and submit your coursework in good time before the deadline.

Coursework coversheet(s) consist of 2 pages:

  • Page 1 contains your instructions and the unique barcode that identifies your coursework.
  • Page 2 is the feedback sheet. This will be completed and returned to you once your coursework has been marked.
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