Attendance and Engagement

Attendance in class is essential to succeed at University. The Student Liaison Team can support you to make sure that nothing stands in the way of your attendance and success at London Met. 

Students who attend class are more likely to achieve good grades, we therefore encourage you to attend all your classes, and to engage with your course and assessments. If you are experienceing challenges in your life that are preventing you from attending class, or getting the most out of your degreee, please feel free to contact the Student Liaison Team. 

You can check your attendance on Evision. If you disagree with any of your attendance information (e.g. it is showing that you didn't attend the class, but you know you did) then in the first instance you should speak with your module leader.

Failure to maintain an acceptable level of attendance can lead to you being withdrawn from a module or even your course. It is therefore important that you attend classes regularly and that you also check your attendance has been recorded correctly.

If you are in receipt of the London Met bursary then continued eligibility is dependent on your attendance record remaining at 75% or over and your successful full-time progression to the second and third years of your course. 

Sometimes however you may be unable to attend a class due to circumstances beyond your control. If you are unable to attend a class you should contact your module leader(s) who may be able to authorise your absence depending on the situation. You may be granted up to three weeks of Authorised Absence.

The Student Liaison Team provides advice and assistance to students who experience challenges – whether personal or professional – to help you get the support you need to succeed in your studies.

We may reach out to you if we notice that you are not engaging with, or you are struggling with, your studies. We can provide information and advice relating to academic and personal support available at London Met, as well as support services in your local area. We also provide coaching & mentoring to help you get back on track to acheive your goals.

If you are struggling with your studies, or there are circumstances hindering you from doing your best here at London Met, get in touch with the Student Liaison Team

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