Reading for pleasure

Library Services is developing a collection of general interest (fiction and non-fiction) books called ‘Reading for Pleasure’. The collections can be found on the ground floor at both the Aldgate and Holloway Road libraries.

The purpose of the Reading for Pleasure collection is to encourage anyone who feels like it to pick up a book and read just for the enjoyment of it.

Reading in your own time can help to enhance your vocabulary and writing style, and studies have shown a relationship between reading and improved academic performance.

A 2016 report conducted by the University of Liverpool has shown that as a result of reading:

  • 27% of the population have been inspired to make a positive change in their life such as look for a new job or end a bad relationship
  • 36% of the population have been inspired to go travelling
  • 19% of adults say they have taken up a new hobby

A list of Reading for Pleasure titles (October 2017)

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