Key databases

Most important databases for all of Psychology =

If you are working on a systematic review and don’t know which databases to use, please take a look at this PDF about literature reviews, systematic reviews and systematic searching. You will need to log in when prompted with your London Metropolitan University username and password.

  • Business Source Complete
    Good for business psychology and occupational psychology. A mix of full-text and abstracts.

  • Communication & Mass Media Complete
    Good for many areas of psychology, and particularly psychology in relation to language, learning, advertising and marketing, and related fields. Primarily abstracts, but some links to full-text.

  • The Cochrane Library
    Good for health psychology, in particular for finding systematic reviews. A mix of full-text and abstracts.

  • Emerald Management eJournals
    Good for Occupational Psychology and Business case studies. A mix of full-text and abstracts.

    Good for all psychology and related subjects. Small, entirely full-text database, containing 66 journals published by a small number of publishers, including the American Psychological Association. Includes articles going as far back as 1894.

  • PsycINFO
    Good for all psychology and related subjects and good as a starting point for literature searching. Compiled and produced by the American Psychological Association. A mix of full-text and abstracts. Content spans 1887-present.

  • PsycTESTS
    Good for finding psychological test instruments. Primarily unpublished tests (not available commercially). Content includes test descriptions and links to related literature describing test development, use or review. In many cases the actual test instruments are available.

  • PubMed
    Good for health psychology. Publicly available medical database from the U.S. National Library of Medicine. Abstracts only, but links to free full-text versions where available.

  • Science Direct
    Publisher Elsevier’s database, with content from Elsevier and Elsevier’s imprints and society partners. A mix of full-text and abstracts, much full-text.

  • Social Care Online
    Useful for counselling, health psychology and social psychology. Abstracts of social work and social care literature, including central and local government reports and publications of voluntary organisations.

  • SPORT discus
    Covers all aspects of sport including sport and exercise psychology, with many articles on health psychology related topics. Abstracts only.

  • Web of Science
    Major science resource. A collection of citation databases (not full-text) citing international scholarly literature world-wide.

  • Westlaw UK
    Useful for forensic and occupational psychology. Includes case law back to 1865, legislation and law journal archives. Many full-text articles available.

  • Wiley Online Library
    Publisher Wiley’s database, including psychology literature, with some full-text. Content from Wiley and Blackwell Science publications only.

Frequently asked questions

  • Try searching within PsycTESTS to find a suitable test for your research.
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