Key databases

These are some of the most relevant databases for your subject. They make a good starting point in searching for journal articles.

  • Academic Search Complete
    Find articles from academic journals as well as magazines. Covers all subject areas.

  • Cambridge Journals Digital Archive
    Search all journals published by Cambridge University Press. Full text articles from journals we subscribe to.

  • CareKnowledge
    Search for the latest social care information. Contains journals articles, in-house commentaries, special reports, Government documents and more.

  • Emerald Management
    Search Emerald Management for journal articles on all aspects of management, including the public and voluntary sectors. International in scope.

    A digital archive of academic journals starting from the very first issues. Subjects covered include Economics, Finance, History, Literature, Philosophy, Political Science, Population Studies, and Sociology. The most recent years will not be available in full text.

  • Oxford Journals Archive
    Search all journals published by Oxford University Press. Full text access to journals we subscribe to.

  • Sage Journals Online
    Contains all Sage journal holdings. Search for titles subscribed to by the library which are available in full text.

  • Social Care Online
    Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) database covers social work and social care literature. Find out about books, central and local government reports, research papers, publications of voluntary organisations, and articles from a wide range of journal titles - academic, research, practice and news-orientated. Covers the UK, North America and other English-language sources.

  • ScienceDirect
    Search across journals published by Elsevier. Advanced search enables searching within: Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences or Psychology. Press the control key on the keyboard to select more than one subject area.

  • Social Sciences Citation Index
    Part of the Web of Science Core Collection. Indexes books and journal articles in the social sciences. Coverage from 1981 onwards. Select holdings to link to our catalogue records.

  • Taylor and Francis Online Journals
    Search all journals published by Taylor & Francis. Full text access to journals we subscribe to.

  • Wiley Online Library
    Search all journals published by Wiley. Multidisciplinary content. Excellent coverage on health.

  • Zetoc
    The British Library's Electronic Table of Contents (ETOC) indexes journal articles and conference proceedings from 1993 onwards. Covers all subject areas.
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