Key databases

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  • Business Source Complete
    Provides company information, some SWOT analysis including industry and country information.
  • FAME (Financial Analysis Made Easy).
    Find company financials on 2 million UK & Irish companies providing up to 10 years of financial history, balance sheets, P&L, ratios and cash flow data.
  • Mintel Reports
    Provides consumer market research including SWOT on the UK services industries, retail, fashion, tourism, travel, financial products, festivals, nightclubs, technology and social media.
  • Passport
    International market profiles & analyses including SWOT, country information & economic data, consumer lifestyles, consumer market sizes, forecasts, companies & brands. 

  • Statista
    Contains reports providing overviews on industries, economics, forecasts and country statistics.  Also provides reports on current business, media trends including digital markets.

    See the how to use Statista with this help video.

  • UK Data Service
    This is a comprehensive resource providing high-quality social and economic data. It is a single point of access to a wide range of secondary data which includes international micro/macro data from Eurostat, IEA, IMF, OECD, UNIDO and World Bank.
    Note:Users need to register in order to access restricted data such as UNIDO’s Demand Supply data. 
  • Academic Search Complete
    Useful for finding articles dealing with social issues for business topics such as Immigration, Globalization, CSR, corporate governance etc.

  • Business Source Complete
    Find scholarly journal articles on accounting, banking, business, finance topics.

  • Emerald Management E-journals
    Find subscribed journal articles on accounting, finance, business management.

    Archive of core scholarly journals starting with the very first issues for a number of economics & finance e-journals.

  • Sage Journals Online
    Access to full text articles journals subscribed to by the library, including titles listed on e-journals economics list (link). See what's available by clicking on the "Sage contents available to me" button.

  • Science Direct
    Provide a large number of journals in full-text, which are useful for business, accounting, banking, economics and finance topics.

  • Taylor and Francis Open Journals
    Access some journals on a wide range of business topics.

  • Web of Science
    Find citation rankings for researchers within subject topics (not all full-text) for international scholarly literature world-wide.

  • Wiley Online Library
    Access to subscribed journals on accounting, finance, economics, management, marketing topics.

  • World Bank e-Library
    Working papers covering topics on international & economic development, global economics, international business, trade, finance & development, poverty, energy, environment, finance & financial sector; governance, industry, economics & trade.
  • Bloomberg
    Major industry-level resources providing current and historical global data on banking, financial markets, economic indicators, company information and news.

    The Bloomberg Suite is located in Moorgate in room MG111 and students who require access need to ask their lecturer to contact IT via (
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