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Update on Library Services book spending - 02/03/2017

At the time of writing Library Services has spent £87,000 of the £100,000 of additional funding invested by the University at the start of the year. This has enabled us to purchase 443 extra e-books and 609 print books. 
We always look to buy e-book versions of titles as we prefer to give you the flexible 24/7 access that they provide, but where this format is not available from the publishers we will buy print. Titles are taken from the reading lists that support your modules. We will continue to spend the remaining money as quickly as we can, and once the print items arrive, they are being processed super quick so they make it to the shelves, ready for use.


Library Services has recently received an additional investment of £100,000 which we are spending on books to support your studies. We are selecting the titles from the reading lists that accompany your modules, and many of these books are ready to access from the library catalogue.

In addition to this, we have been able to renew the Cambridge Books Online package of 37,000 book titles for another year. Cambridge Books Online offers books on all subjects and is available 24/7. This e-book package can be viewed here or individual titles are discoverable on the library catalogue if you perform a search.

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