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Oh yeah I love it it’s fantastic  ♥  
It’s looking fresh and amazing! Well done team!
Love it ♥ is nice  Love love it!! 
I always wondered how it would have felt like to study in the 70s.

Reminds me of Clockwork Orange.

All kidding aside, it looks great! Warm, inviting and slick – just like a Starbucks
Fab! I really like these areas! Spacious and well designed! Amazing!
Wonderful. Effort Appreciated!
Now I see where my £9000 goes! Amazing
AMAZING Best of both worlds: a social place + a Library. Well done guys...
Hoh my God, incredible! What suggested this idea? The place is well improved? We look like we're in L.A. Thank you so much! Hoh my God!!!
Looks v. nice. Money well spent 
Refreshing considering how bland it looked previously. Makes the lobby look inviting for a library.
All it needs now is a cocktail bar and some tapas.
Ab Fab darling!
Excellent! Just hope that the messier students keep it this way!
Love it ♥ is nice  Love love it!! 


Feedback Response
The letters on some keyboards in Holloway Library are worn away 150 new keyboards will be installed in May and June 2017.

You asked for more social group study spaces and comfy chairs for sitting and reading In October 2016 the Learning Centre 1st and 2nd floor foyers were refurbished for use as a social study space. Walls were knocked down to let natural light in and a different range of furniture and lighting was installed.

You asked for private study spaces to be able to work quietly on your projects Aldgate library was refurbished summer 2016 and it has 12 study rooms which are open access and available for students to use on their own or in groups.

Alternatively both Aldgate and Holloway Road have silent study zones where you will be able to work without disruption.

You asked for better WiFi in the libraries During October 2016 the University is spending £500k replacing, improving and extending the University WiFi network. This will result in a near ubiquitous service and you won't need to look for WiFi hotspots.

You asked for more power sockets for laptops We are aware power for devices is desirable throughout the library spaces. During summer 2016 a number of new tables with table-top power were installed on the ground floor at the Holloway Road library.

You said you would like a Library at Moorgate

Unfortunately, due to space restrictions, it is not possible to have a physical Library at Moorgate.  

​We are extending Aldgate library opening hours which will increase accessibility for students based at Moorgate (only 15 mins walk away).

We will continue to prioritise buying e-resources as they are available 24/7 wherever students access the internet. Our Academic Liaison Librarians will continue to hold "drop-ins" at Moorgate regularly, usually in the Hub to help students discover and use the e-resources that we have purchased for them. 

Feedback Response
You asked for the Learning Centre windows to be cleaned Unfortunately, Estates have told us that it is unsafe to clean the upper windows but they have just cleaned the ground floor windows (March 2016).

You asked for more bookable study rooms at Holloway Rd Library In March 2016 we increased the number of study rooms from 3 to 6.  All rooms were refurbished and opened with new IT, large screen monitors and furniture.  Let us know what you think!

You said that some of the PCs in the Learning Centre are slow In April 2016 212 library computers on the Mezzanine, 1st and 2nd floors were replaced with brand new Viglan PCs.  Spec improvements include memory increased to 16 gb and faster i7 processor.

In our recent survey you asked for whiteboards to be put in the Library for student use We are piloting electronic whiteboards in Holloway Library. They allow you to use as traditional whiteboard / flipchart and / or store content as digital snapshots on a mobile device or USB and share via storage accounts on mobile devices such as Dropbox or Evernote. There is one on the mezzanine floor. Let us know what you think

I would like all my textbooks
available as e-books
Unfortunately not all textbooks are available as e-books from the publishers. We do buy e-books for all textbooks where available.

The Libraries need to be open for longer Our new 2015/16 opening hours have been announced with increased opening at Commercial Rd Library and all extended opening starting at on the first day of term Monday 28th September 2015.

More e-resources are needed From July 2015 we began providing access to Statista an online portal covering global market trends and providing statistical data on over 80,000 topics. Why not boost your research with the inclusion of statistics?

Great selection of films at Commercial Rd Library Thanks!  Remember you can also watch films via BoB [Box of Broadcasts]  which is available remotely 24/7 access  Register using your university IT account for access to a huge archive of BBC content and over 60 free-to-air channels.

The architecture section is missing some important books that I need to read Please check the catalogue and reserve any item that is out on loan.  If we do not have the book you want in stock, please contact your Academic Liaison Librarian who may be able to recommend alternative sources of information.

Bring back the cash money loaders for topping up print credit.  Doing it online is not that easy and takes too long.

IT Services are working with the Student Union to properly understand the scale of the issue and they are working to address the issues that have prevented card terminals.
The Library staff are very helpful and kind Thank you for such nice comments.  We try to be as approachable and helpful as we can to all our students and visitors.  Our recent Happy Card survey showed that you were overwhelmingly happy with the service you receive from Library staff at our Information Desks.

Fix the Holloway Rd Learning Centre lift.  It is always out of order. We are very sorry for the inconvenience to everyone.  The plan is to replace the main lift completely next summer for a new one.  In the meantime, Estates are trying to fix the lift as soon as it breaks down.  They are awaiting a replacement hydraulic motor and will also repair the electronic circuit board.  They are putting weekly updates on the lift so you know what is happening.

Why aren't the Libraries open 24/7 like some other universities? The majority of students would just like the libraries open later in the evening, rather than all night,  which we started in Sept 2015. Calcutta and Commercial Rd Libraries are not busy after 10pm so we would not open later than 11pm.  Holloway Rd Library is busier so open until midnight Monday to Friday.  We have had lots of positive feedback about these opening hours.
Feedback Response
Not enough books available (FSSH) In January 2015 we purchased the ACLS Humanities E-Book Collection of over 4,000 titles suitable for research in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Accessing outside content via the library has been very unsuccessful
for me
Remote 24/7 access is available for our e-resources, for example Bob [Box of Broadcasts] is now available to London Met students to be accessed from anywhere in the UK. Register using your university IT account for access to a huge archive of BBC content and over 60 free-to-air channels.

The library can be dirty especially
the tables and floor
The new University cleaning team have done deep cleans over Summer 2015 including the carpets and shelving in the Learning Centre.  We hope you notice this great improvement.

Some of the chairs are
uncomfortable and are not
In February 2015 we replaced over 200 chairs with brand new comfy ones in HR Library and will be moving more chairs to Calcutta House Library.  Please let us know if any are broken and we will replace them.

We need more spaces for group
In 2015 we purchased three Synergie Desks for the mezzanine of Holloway Road Library and one for Calcutta House Library study room.  We also have a new open access Group Study Room on the second floor of Calcutta Library with three Synergie desks. You seem to like them!

When it’s really busy I can’t find
a PC
We have a PC booking system that allows you to reserve PCs up to a week in advance in Calcutta and Holloway Rd Libraries.  Please give it a try and let us know what you think.
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