Enhancing your online learning

Weblearn has some exciting new developments for your online learning

London Met is always seeking new ways to improve the student experience of our virtual learning environment (VLE) – otherwise known as Weblearn. To achieve this the University launched a VLE enhancement project, incorporating feedback received from students, which has resulted in a number of exciting changes and updates to our system.

Lecture Recordings

We have launched a project to make lectures more accessible to students even from outside the lecture room by increasing the availability of recorded lectures for students this year. A large number of lectures across both Level 4 and Level 7 modules have now been recorded and published on Weblearn.

Anonymous Marking

Last year it was announced that we would be implementing anonymous marking for our students as of October 2016. Anonymous marking has now been enabled for online assessment across the University. To find out more about anonymous marking and how it works see our Anonymous Marking page.

Get the New BB Student App for Weblearn!

The new Blackboard mobile app called ‘BB Student’ is now available for download from iTunes or Google Play. BB Student is designed to help you complete your coursework more efficiently. The mobile app is clear and easy to use, bringing together your Weblearn updates and notifications in the new Activity Stream.

Its latest features include an activity stream that will show you your newest announcements, assignments, tests, grades, course content and what work is due. The BB Student app prioritises the most important events and activities across your entire course in order to bring that which is most important to your attention first.

To find out more about the newest features included in the app visit our website where you can discover more about how BB Student can enhance your experience of the Blackboard system.

We Want Your Feedback

We are continuously working to find new and innovative ways to enhance the VLE and your feedback helps us to do that! The VLE enhancement project runs focus groups with both staff and students to discuss what works with online submissions and what can be improved.

You can get involved in the conversation by joining our focus group or alternatively give us your feedback online.  

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