Student Charter

The Student Charter reflects the key priorities embedded in our Strategic Plan 2015-2020 and the associated introduction of initiatives to support student achievements, such as the Peer Assisted Student Success (PASS) Scheme and new approaches to developing work experience and employment skills in undergraduate courses. 

The student charter sets out the mutual expectations and obligations between the University and students. It establishes rights, responsibilities and expectations to support you in your studies, to help you to flourish by shaping your future and empowering you to fulfill your full potential.

1. find the University welcoming, open and professional in all our dealings with you
2. be part of a real community of learning, with diverse staff and students collaborating and working in partnership
3. receive excellent education provided by trained, creative and engaging teachers delivering up-to date courses
4. gain access to real work experience and employment opportunities while studying (including, for undergraduate students, core work-related learning on your course), to prepare you for your future career
5. have your opinions sought and for us to seek feedback from you to improve teaching and services
6. receive academic support, coaching and advice on issues affecting your studies through our Peer Assisted Student Success scheme and other guidance
7. be given, in the first three weeks of each module, clear explanations of what you have to do and how we will mark your coursework and exams
8. receive written and/or recorded oral feedback on assessed coursework for your module within three weeks of the submission deadline
9. encounter innovative teaching using technology and flexible methods of delivery to support students’ busy lives
10. have access to excellent learning resources, academic support and high quality facilities and services
11. be engaged with in a respectful, honest and constructive manner, for us to seek your views, listen to your feedback and have a fair and prompt complaints procedure
12. have access to a wide range of societies, events and sports activities facilitated by the University and the Students’ Union

1. engage with the London Met community of learning in a respectful, honest and constructive manner
2. be prepared for and attend classes punctually, participate actively and respect the learning rights of other students
3. be proactive in taking advantage of the career development opportunities offered to you, eg by engaging actively with work-related learning and the careers service
4. tell us how we are doing so we can improve our services for you
5. be proactive and reasonable in seeking out support when you are in need
6. be aware of and abide by the University’s regulations and codes of conduct
7. understand the objectives and purpose of your coursework and exams and plan your studies accordingly
8. hand in your coursework on time, engage in feedback and incorporate it into your subsequent assessments
9. engage in out-of-class work using our online facilities, and to normally spend at least three hours on studying and preparing for each hour you spend in class
10. use the variety of resources available to you to support your studies
11. solve problems informally and locally first before using the formal University procedures
12. take advantage of opportunities afforded by university life, the Students’ Union and/or networks of peers 

The Student Charter was developed jointly with staff and students to establish reciprocal commitments for our learning community. Following a process of consultation, a new Student Charter was approved at the joint meeting of the Academic Board and the Board of Governors in January 2016. The key message is one of creating a learning environment which promotes tolerance and respect.

The University is committed to involving its students as active partners in shaping their learning and their futures by providing an excellent education. To ensure the charter remains up-to-date and relevant, the University undertakes an annual review consultation process. The Student Charter was reviewed and updated in March 2017 to reflect the views of staff, students and the Students’ Union. The Student Charter approved by the Board of Governors and the Academic Board on 16 March 2017.

Academic Board reviewed the charter at its meeting of 12 June 2019 and minor amendments were made.


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