Individual Needs Assessment Report

Student Evision front page with location of INAR.

London Met uses reasonable adjustments for students who have a disability as defined by the Equalities Act (2010). Reasonable adjustments ensure students are enabled to participate as fully as possible in the academic and social life of the University.

Adjustments are the responsibility of the following areas;

  • School staff
  • Assessment team
  • Estates team
  • Library
  • Disabilities and Dyslexia Service
  • Health and Safety

The Disabilities and Dyslexia Service (DDS) agree reasonable adjustments on an individual basis with students. The DDS then send these adjustments to the relevant area of the university for action.

The INAR has two key sections. The first section summarises relevant information about your disability or difficulty and how this impacts on your studies. Your DDS Adviser will write this using information from your documentary evidence and key points raised in your DDS appointment. The second section states the reasonable adjustments your DDS Adviser has recommended and which area of the University is responsible.

Your INAR is sent to your university email address and the areas of the University with responsibility for your adjustments.

You can view your INAR at any time through Evision. Log into Evision and find the link ‘View adjustments currently in place (INAR)’. Click on the link to download a PDF of your current INAR. If this link is missing or broken, please contact DDS.

Your DDS Adviser will regularly review your adjustments. Adjustments that are no longer needed can be removed. If there is a change in your disability or difficulty, get in touch with the DDS. You will be invited to meet with your DDS Adviser to discuss your needs. Your INAR can be updated at any time. You may need to provide updated evidence if you need further adjustments. 

Some students receive a coursework cover sheet. This is emailed directly to you by your DDS Adviser as an attachment. Coursework cover sheets should be inserted into the first page of written assignments. For hard copy submissions, print and staple the cover sheet as the first page of the assignment. Work cannot be remarked if you forget to attach your cover sheet. When you first receive your cover sheet, check that you can copy and paste this easily.

Below are instructions for attaching your coursework cover sheet for online submissions.

  • Open your coursework cover sheet document

  • Highlight the whole page

  • Right click on the highlighted area

  • Select ‘copy’

  • Open your assignment

  • Right click at the beginning of your work

  • Select ‘paste’

  • Ensure your assignment begins on a fresh page

If you have trouble copying from a PDF cover sheet, you can save the PDF as a Word document first.

  • Open the PDF coursework cover sheet

  • Click ‘file’

  • Select ‘Save as’

  • State location to save file

  • Change ‘Save as type’ to Word Document

  • Then copy and paste from the Word document

Disabilities and Dyslexia Service (DDS) contact details

Contact form

+44 (0)20 7320 2848

9:00am to 5:00pm 

Monday to Friday

Tower Building

166-220 Holloway Road
N7 8DB

Room: TM1-33

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