Library Services food and drink policy

London Met Libraries want you to feel comfortable while pursuing your studies in our buildings. We recognise that sometimes food and drink play a role in studying and learning. However, food and drink can also damage library material, equipment and furnishings, and it may disturb other library users.

The following policy is intended to balance the needs of the library with the convenience of our users.

Hot or smelly food is allowed in Cafe spaces, but not anywhere else in the library

  • Hot food tends to be messy. Oils, sauces, etc, can damage library property.
  • Hot food tends to produce odours that disturb others.
  • Full meals tend to produce more rubbish.
  • Food debris may damage library property and may attract rodents and insects.
  • A cafe atmosphere is not conducive to study and learning.

Cold snacks only in designated areas:

  • Aldgate Library – Ground floor and first floor lounge areas.
  • Holloway Road Library – Ground and Mezzanine Group Zones and the Learning Centre foyers on the first floor.

At Holloway Road, a variety of food may be consumed in the Library Café on the ground floor.

Hot and cold drinks are permitted provided they are in spill-proof containers, cartons, cans or bottles.

Alcohol cannot be consumed in any of the library buildings.

All users must help to preserve a clean and tidy study environment by disposing of their waste once they have finished their snack. Staff are authorised to insist that a student clears their desk of rubbish.

Anyone with hot food or any cold food that causes a smell or mess will be asked to take it out of the Library.

No food or drink including water is permitted in the Special Collections Reading Room. Lockers are provided.

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